wood-look tile pittsburghThe hardwood look has been a favorite of homeowners throughout the Pittsburgh area for decades. However, with the beautiful look of hardwood comes the potential for water damage, scratching, and years of tedious maintenance.

Here at Floor Coverings International Greater Pittsburgh, we understand that real hardwood isn’t ideal for every household. Thankfully, wood-look tile provides the timeless look of hardwood but with greater durability and easier maintenance. Read below to learn more about this modern flooring innovation!

What is Wood-Look Tile?

Like other man-made tile flooring, wood-look tile is most commonly made of ceramic or porcelain. However, unlike common tile, this flooring comes in a hardwood plank shape. The tiles are printed with a realistic image of hardwood and are even given a hardwood grain texture to truly emulate real wood.


The durability of wood-look tile is one of the main reasons why homeowners choose this flooring over real hardwood. Unlike hardwood, it is incredibly difficult to scratch or dent wood-look tile. This makes wood tile a great choice for high traffic areas or for homes with pets.

Water Resistance

One disadvantage of hardwood is that it is not suitable for moisture prone rooms. Wood is an organic material that expands and contracts with moisture and temperature changes, leading to gaps and warping in hardwood floors.

Ceramic or porcelain wood tile, on the other hand, is highly water resistant and will not experience fluctuation, staining, warping, or any other sort of damage after prolonged contact with moisture. This makes wood-look tile a suitable choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.


Another perk of wood-look tile is that it is incredibly easy to maintain. A pet accident or liquid spill can sit on a wood tile floor without damaging it and can simply be wiped up once noticed. Spills like this could cause staining or swelling on hardwood floors.

General maintenance will include a regular sweeping or mopping. Special cleaners or precautions are not generally necessary on wood-look tile, unlike on hardwood. The cherry on top is that your wood tile flooring will not need to be sanded or refinished after years of use like hardwood does.

Get Started in Pittsburgh Today

With so many different looks and styles of wood-look tile available, it’s easy to find the perfect one for your Pittsburgh home. Contact Floor Coverings International Greater Pittsburgh today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and our design experts will help you select your new floors. We proudly serve Pittsburgh, Mt. Lebanon, Wexford, Cranberry, Mars and surrounding areas.

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