Hardwood Staircase PittsburghIn many homes, the staircase is the center of attention – whether you want it to be or not. For this reason, it’s important not to neglect this area of your Pittsburgh home! More and more homeowners are choosing to cap their stairs with hardwood, as this floor covering offers beauty, resale value, and durability. Below, the experts at Floor Coverings International Greater Pittsburgh explain how you can expect to benefit from hardwood stairs.

Durability of Hardwood on Stairs

In many homes, carpet reigns supreme as the choice material to cover one’s staircase with. While carpet does offer traction and cushioning, it is not necessarily the most durable or aesthetically pleasing option for your staircase. Since stairs often experience some of the most foot traffic in a home, it’s important to cover them with a durable, long-lasting flooring material.

Hardwood is known for its durability and longevity – this is one reason why it is such a popular flooring choice. Even in the case of wear and tear, a piece of hardwood can be sanded and refinished to remove any scratches and be made to look brand new. Unlike carpet, your hardwood steps won’t flatten or appear grimy in the center where the most foot traffic falls.

Resale Value of Hardwood

It’s well known that homebuyers tend to prefer hardwood flooring over carpet in many areas of the home. Not only does hardwood promise longevity, but it also offers a more timeless and traditional look than carpet. Homebuyers can be leery of carpet because of its tendency to trap smells and grime from the previous homeowner. On that note, if you plan to sell your home in the near future, consider recapping your staircase with hardwood to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Hardwood stairs Pittsburgh

Considerations of Hardwood Stair Capping

While hardwood has its advantages, it cannot offer the traction and cushion that carpet does. This could be an especially important consideration for households with children or elderly family members. To prevent and cushion falls without taking away from the durability or beauty of your hardwood staircase, consider installing a carpet runner. A patterned carpet runner can even add a classy look while serving to protect the finish on your hardwood steps from wearing down. Plus, it will muffle footsteps, creating a quieter environment in your Pittsburgh home.

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