Carpet tiles in PittsburghCarpet tiles are an unusual choice for residential spaces, but they actually offer some unique advantages for Pittsburgh homeowners. Unlike most other types of flooring, carpet tiles (also called carpet squares) can be easily removed, cleaned, or replaced. Thus, carpet tiles provide an affordable and low-commitment flooring option that is ideal for certain spaces.

Our Floor Coverings International Greater Pittsburgh experts also love carpet tiles because they allow for creative, customized designs. It’s easy to combine carpet tiles of different colors, sizes, or shapes to create fun and unique patterns – and then switch them up when you’re ready for something new!

All About Carpet Tiles

  • Traditional carpet tiles are either 18” or 24” squares. However, you can cut these tiles into different sizes and shapes to suit your preference. In addition, you have the option of using identical tiles to create a uniform floor, or mix and match different colors for a fun, exciting look.
  • Because carpet tiles are easy to cut and install, they work well for unusual or awkward spaces where traditional roll carpeting is too difficult to install. However, you should let professionals lay your carpet tile if you want to ensure a cohesive, seamless finish.
  • Carpet tiles aren’t as soft and cozy as wall-to-wall carpeting, and they aren’t available in as many textures and pile types. However, what they lack in comfort they make up for in ease of maintenance. If a carpet tile is stained or damaged, you can easily remove it and either clean it or replace it.
  • Carpet tiles are a great choice for kids’ rooms, and not just because of their easy maintenance. You can use them to make fun, custom designs to suit your kids’ style, and you can even change them up later on as your kids get older.
  • Carpet tiles can be installed wall-to-wall or fit together to make area rugs. This means you can use them to create custom area rugs in whatever size you need.

If you’d like to try carpet tiles in your Pittsburgh home, give us a call! [franchise_locaiton_name] provides free consultations and estimates.

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Photo Credit: Anutr Yossundara