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The right area rug can soften up a living space and bring decor together. We especially appreciate soft rugs during our cold winters in the Pittsburgh, Mt. Lebanon, Wexford, Cranberry, Mars area. But choosing the right area rug can be a big job. At Floor Coverings International Greater Pittsburgh, we offer a wide range of styles and expert advice to help you find the perfect rug for your home.

Area Rug Varieties

Whether you’re beginning your interior decorating with your rug or just looking for a new home accent, there’s a style out there for you. We offer a wide variety of hand and machine made area rugs for all areas of the home.

Some of the most popular styles include Oriental, Folk, European, Designer and Natural Fiber rugs. We can even order styles that are made to last outside during the summer. Designs range from solid colors and simple stripes to intricate floral patterns and bold geometric prints. No matter your taste, there’s a style for you!

Choosing the Right Rug

There are a number of key things to consider when you are choosing a new area rug for your home. The most important ones are the size of your space and the existing decor.  A large space needs a large rug. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit of extra money; there’s nothing worse than an area rug that’s too small for a room. It makes things feel unbalanced and disconnected. The right rug should bring a whole room together.

When considering your decor, it’s important to note if the space has a lot of existing pattern and color, or is fairly plain. A patterned rug can be a great way to add color and style to a room, but if you already have a lot of louder design elements working together, a simple, solid hued rug might be ideal for your space.

Area Rug Benefits

As mentioned earlier, there are a wide range of benefits offered by the right area rug. A soft rug can warm up cold stone or hardwood floors. This is especially important during the colder months of the year. A plush rug is also a nice addition to the bedroom: it’s much more pleasant to step out of bed onto a soft rug than a cold, hard floor.

Another key benefit is the ability to define a space in your home. More and more homes in the Pittsburgh, Mt. Lebanon, Wexford, Cranberry, Mars area are opting for open floor plans these days. A rug can easily define where the living room ends and the kitchen begins.

The last primary benefit of an area rug is of course the added style. The right area rug can bring decor elements from a room together and create a polished look.

Our experts at Floor Coverings International Greater Pittsburgh are here to help you with all of your area rug needs. Contact us today!

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Photo Credit: Iriana Shiyan