Linoleum flooring in PittsburghOver the last decade or two, hardwood flooring alternatives like laminate, linoleum, and vinyl have become increasingly popular. However, many Pittsburgh homeowners are still confused about the difference between these materials since they tend to look and feel similar. Fortunately, our experts at Floor Coverings International Greater Pittsburgh have put together this guide to explain more about these flooring types:


  • Laminate is made primarily of high-density fiberboard, covered in a photographic image and a clear protective wear layer.
  • Laminate flooring is specifically intended to mimic hardwood, so it is available in a wide range of wood-look patterns and colors.
  • Though not as durable as solid hardwood, which can last for decades, laminate floors are easy to maintain and can work in almost any space.
  • Laminate is quite affordable and provides a cheaper alternative to true hardwood.

Luxury Vinyl

  • Luxury vinyl flooring is made primarily of vinyl, though it may also contain fiberglass, felt, and dyes. Like laminate, it is covered in a high-resolution image with a protective layer on top.
  • Vinyl planks are available in as many wood-look styles as laminate. However, vinyl flooring is also available in sheet and tile form, offering even more options.
  • Vinyl is quite durable and water-resistant. It also has a built-in underlayment that can help to absorb sound and add comfort.
  • Luxury vinyl flooring, whether plank, tile, or sheet, is usually very affordable.


  • Linoleum is made entirely of natural, eco-friendly materials. It usually consists of a mix of linseed oil, tree resin, limestone, and wood dust.
  • Linoleum is available in many styles that mimic tile and hardwood, plus other colorful patterns and designs.
  • Linoleum floors are not quite as durable as vinyl and laminate, and they may be damaged by moisture. They can also fade from exposure to sunlight.
  • Linoleum flooring tends to feel more cushioned and comfortable than rigid options like laminate and hardwood.

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Photo Credit: N-sky