pittsburgh flooringWinter in Pittsburgh means holiday cheer, time with friends and family, and of course cold, harsh weather. For this reason, preparing your home for holiday parties and guests will be just as important as adding a few extra touches to make your home a little warmer this winter. That’s why our experts here at Floor Coverings International Greater Pittsburgh have compiled a list of simple ways to prepare for the holiday season below!

Staying Warm with Flooringluxury vinyl pittsburgh

Many homeowners turn to portable heaters, extra blankets, or the thermostat to keep their homes extra toasty in the colder months. But did you know that flooring has a big impact on how warm your home actually stays? Insulating floors like carpet and cork help to trap your home’s internal temperature, rather than allowing it to escape into the subfloor. Insulating floors also help to cut energy costs!

You don’t have to get brand new flooring to benefit from the insulating effects of carpet. Invest in some quality wool area rugs to trap heat and warm your feet this winter. Wool is one of the best carpet materials when it comes to providing warmth and softness, so place these rugs over hardwood or tile floors to keep your rooms warm.

Or, go the extra mile and give yourself the gift of new flooring this winter! Conserve time during the busy holidays by installing a floating luxury vinyl floor with an insulating cork underlayment. Luxury vinyl is quick and easy to install, as it can be placed over an existing floor. The cork underlayment will keep your home warm, while the luxury vinyl will prove to be both beautiful and practical.

Protect Floors During Gatherings

carpet pittsburghWhether you’ll be throwing holiday parties or having family over for the weekend, it will be important to take a few precautions to protect your flooring from potential party fouls and extra foot traffic this holiday season. Start by bolstering your entryway with doormats. Use a bristly coir doormat outside to scrape mud and debris off of guests’ shoes, and use an absorbent doormat inside to wick away moisture and prevent puddles.

For other areas in your home, consider laying down some synthetic rugs or runners to protect your floors from spilled drinks or dropped dishes. This will help to keep grime out of your carpets and prevent spills from staining your hardwoods. However, don’t opt to use your warm wool rugs in the busiest areas of your home – wool is not as easy to clean as synthetic carpets.

The “Finishing” Touches

Whether you’re preparing for guests this season or simply want to refresh your home before the New Year, refinishing your hardwood floors is always a good idea. The finish on a hardwood floor helps to protect it from scratches and spills. If the finish on your floors has worn down, be sure to refinish it before guests come over to prevent staining and warping from spilled drinks or wet shoes. Refinishing will also bring a glossy new shine back into your old floors!

This same principle applies to stone tile floors, too. Porous stone will need to be resealed every few years or so to prevent liquid from seeping into its pores and causing stains. If they’re due for it, take the time to reseal your stone floors before inviting guests over.

Get Started in Pittsburgh Today

No matter what you have planned this holiday season, being prepared will be easy with these flooring tips. Contact Floor Coverings International Greater Pittsburgh today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you refresh your flooring before the New Year. We proudly serve Pittsburgh, Mt. Lebanon, Wexford, Cranberry, Mars and surrounding areas.

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