mccandless backsplash ideas

Backsplashes offer an incredible range of possibilities, and their impact on a McCandless kitchen or bathroom shouldn’t be underestimated. A backsplash is essentially a panel behind a sink or stove that is used to protect the wall from moisture due to splashing.

Tiles are therefore the most common option for backsplashes, utilizing a glaze or other protective sealant to defend against liquids.

But enough about function — let’s talk form! Today, Floor Coverings International Greater Pittsburgh reviews a range of stylistic choices for backsplashes that bring real flavor to home decor.

Crackle Glaze

Crackle glazing is a hot new trend in backsplash style where the tiles are fired at a specific heat level to create a series of randomized cracks on the surface. The result is an antique beauty that brings elegance and charm to your kitchen or bathroom. Go for the full crackle for distinct weathering or keep it subtle.

The Backsplash Mural

This is the trickiest entry on our list. Backsplash murals are paintings completed over your backsplash, often over the tile itself. There is too much variability for us to completely cover here, as homeowners can have anything they like painted on their backsplash! A sunny vineyard, a grand horizon, or anything else you might enjoy gazing at as you go about your day. This is a backsplash idea almost guaranteed to be unique.

mccandless backsplash ideas

Alternating Tile Backsplashes

With an alternating series of tiles, your backsplash will bring out a pattern all your own. Backsplashes with tiles of different color, glaze quality, or even material, can come together for your own backsplash masterpiece. Try a dark tile backsplash in a light kitchen with just a select few light tiles to really tie the whole design together.

The Backsplash Puzzle

For a fun and visually engaging pattern, try a puzzle backsplash! This design comes together when tiles of different shapes and sizes are installed on your wall to create a harmonious panel of many unique individual pieces. Laser-cut tiles are one way to achieve this perfect-fit backsplash and its Tetris-like cohesion.

Backsplashes, Floors, and More!

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