Hypoallergenic Flooring PittsburghNow that spring has arrived, you might be thinking about ways to reduce the impact of pollen and other seasonal allergies in your home. Installing hypoallergenic flooring is one of the most effective long-term ways to make your Pittsburgh home comfortable – not just in the springtime, but year round! Read below to learn about the best hypoallergenic flooring options Floor Coverings International Greater Pittsburgh has to offer.

Linoleum FlooringLinoleum Tile Flooring Pittsburgh

Vinyl and linoleum are two flooring types that many homeowners get mixed up. Both products may look and feel similar, but vinyl is synthetic and linoleum is all-natural. Not only does this make linoleum an eco-friendly alternative to vinyl, but it also makes it a hypoallergenic option for homeowners.

Linoleum does not contain volatile chemicals that may cause issues for some homeowners. It also has a smooth, antistatic surface that is easy to clean and won’t trap dust or allergens. To top it off, this flooring is naturally antimicrobial! Thanks to advances in technology, linoleum can come in a variety of styles and designs including wood-look planks and stone-look tiles.

Cork Flooring

Like linoleum, cork is another all-natural, eco-friendly flooring choice that homeowners love. In fact, cork has a lot of hypoallergenic similarities to linoleum. It has a compact cellular structure and smooth surface that resists water, dust, and pollen. This not only makes it easy to clean, but it also means that cork can repel allergens and is even antimicrobial.

What makes cork unique is its insulating properties. While its surface is smooth, the composition of cork is almost spongy, making it an excellent insulator. Cork will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Its spongy composition also makes cork very comfortable underfoot.

Plant-Based CarpetsSisal Carpet Pittsburgh

Carpet is commonly fluffy and fibrous, making it an allergen trap that is not ideal for homeowners with allergies. However, there are some types of natural carpets out there that are much more suitable for such homeowners. Plant-based carpets, like sisal and jute, are good choices for hypoallergenic carpeting.

Plant-based carpets are all natural, so they don’t contain chemicals that might cause problems for some homeowners. These types of carpets are also woven into tight, looped patterns instead of fluffy, cut-looped patterns that would normally trap dust and pollen. To top it off, sisal and jute are also antimicrobial. Natural carpets or rugs like these provide a soft, hypoallergenic alternative to synthetic carpets or rugs.

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