Living_5.jpg We all love hardwood flooring. It adds a certain element of classic style to any home and it is a sound investment for homeowners. Hardwood flooring offers a durable flooring solution for bedrooms, the kitchen, living room, or even the entryway. Installing hardwood flooring comes with a lot of questions. You’ll be able to customize your hardwood flooring in many ways. Here are some questions to ask yourself when it comes to hardwood floors from Floor Coverings International of Wexford.

What kind of plank width do you want?

Hardwood flooring with wider plank widths has been becoming more and more popular. This trend has been seen in bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and living rooms. You can choose if you want very narrow planks, or a wider plank. Or, you can settle somewhere in the middle. It is also possible to get your hardwood flooring installed in pattern such as herringbone!

What species will be best?

There’s no fast and simple rule when it comes to what species of hardwood flooring to choose! A lot of it will depend on personal preference. Darker woods like Cherry and Mahogany will create a rich tone for the room, while lighter species like Ash and Maple will offer a brighter flooring option. You will also have to consider where the flooring is being installed.   You’ll want to be sure you’re choosing a species of wood that is hard enough to handle a high traffic zone, for example.

Engineered Hardwood or Solid Hardwood?

Again, you’ll have to consider where the flooring is being installed. Solid hardwood flooring should not be installed in basements or any room below grade. With solid hardwood flooring you’ll want to avoid humid or high-moisture areas. For bathrooms or basements, it’s best to choose engineered hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood flooring is designed with many layers of wood, making it less susceptible to moisture in the air.

The best way to truly know what kind of hardwood flooring will meet your needs is to schedule a free consultation. We’ll bring samples to you so you can see exactly what is available and select the perfect hardwood flooring. Call Floor Coverings International of Wexford today!