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So, you’ve gotten your brand new carpet installed and it looks amazing. It’s soft, cozy and completely clean. Sadly, we all know that this look can’t last forever. That’s why at Floor Coverings International of Wexford we encourage our customers to arm themselves with the best tricks for keeping their floors clean. Here are a few of our favorite carpet cleaning tips to help you avoid an unsightly stain.

Don’t Wait

When a mess happens, deal with it immediately. Most carpets we sell are stain-resistant to some degree, and that means that if you can deal with the spill quickly it won’t have much time to sink into the carpet past that barrier.

Blotting is Your Friend

People have the tendency to scrub at a stain, thinking that they are using the most force possible to remove it. Unfortunately, scrubbing can help push the stain further into your carpet. Also, be sure to use a cloth or paper towel that’s free of it’s own dyes. You don’t want to add to the mess!

Scrape Away Scraps

If you’re dealing with a mess that has food scraps, the first thing you want to do is scrape off the solid pieces. Use a vacuum to remove them quickly so you can get at any discoloration underneath without pushing debris further into your carpet.

Careful Spot Treatment

We absolutely recommend using spot cleaners, but be sure to test a new cleaner out when you buy it. Do this by putting a very small amount on a part of the carpet in an inconspicuous place. Check after about 10 minutes that the cleaner has not discolored the carpet in any way, and then wipe it clean. This will help to ensure that when the mess happens, you know your cleaner won’t damage the carpet. You won’t have time to test the cleaner adequately when the mess occurs. At Floor Coverings International in Wexford, we always recommend thinking ahead!

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