Family flooring in PittsburghThere are so many different options in flooring for Pittsburgh families these days. So, which one is the best flooring for your family? Much of the decision depends on your family’s individual needs. Does anyone in the family suffer from allergies? Do you have small children or an elderly relative living in your home? Or, does your household mostly consist of furry friends? Different flooring types may work best for different families’ needs. Floor Coverings International Greater Pittsburgh can help you explore your options:

Flooring for Allergy Sufferers

Is your family sensitive to dust, mold, and other allergens? Then you want a hard surface floor that won’t trap these allergens. Hardwoods and laminate are two of your best options. Tile is also a good option, but make sure to clean the grout lines thoroughly to pick up any dirt particles that slip between the tiles.

Flooring for Small Children and Elderly Relatives

Little children and elderly family members are susceptible to falls. So, your very best flooring option to prevent injuries is carpet. Carpeting is soft to walk on and much easier on the body if a fall does take place. If you prefer a hard surface, cork flooring or luxury vinyl tile work well. Both are attractive, solid surfaces that are much softer to walk on than hardwood, tile, or stone.

Flooring for “Furry” Family Members

Many people love their pets so much that they are truly a part of the family. If that is the case, you’ll want flooring that works for you and also for your furry family members. Natural stone or ceramic tile both work well with pets. Tile floors are durable, scratch resistant, and easy to clean. But if you have an older pet, make sure to put a rug down or create a comfy, warm place for your pet to rest because tile floors can feel hard and cold.

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Photo Credit: wavebreakmedia