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Preparing Your Home For A Pittsburgh Winter

Winter in Pittsburgh means holiday cheer, time with friends and family, and of course cold, harsh weather. For this reason, preparing your home for holiday parties and guests will be just as important as adding a few extra touches to make your home a little warmer this winter. That’s why our experts here at Floor Coverings International Greater Pittsburgh
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What Is the Difference Between Laminate, Linoleum, and Vinyl Flooring?

Over the last decade or two, hardwood flooring alternatives like laminate, linoleum, and vinyl have become increasingly popular. However, many Pittsburgh homeowners are still confused about the difference between these materials since they tend to look and feel similar. Fortunately, our experts at Floor Coverings International Greater Pittsburgh have put together this guide to explain more about these flooring…
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The Surprising Looks of Luxury Vinyl

There’s a reason more modern vinyl tile has the word “luxury” attached to it. This isn’t the same cheap material that filled homes sixty years ago. New styles are specially made to be more durable, easy to install and surprisingly affordable. If it’s time for new floors in your home, but you aren’t looking to…

What to Choose for Commercial Flooring

It can be hard to choose the right type of flooring for an office, or any type of commercial space for that matter. Oftentimes you’re looking to cover a large area; you need flooring that is functional, affordable, and stylish. Whether it’s for a gymnasium, ballroom, or large office space, there is perfect flooring for…